Places to Take Your Kids to For Duck Feeding in Marine

Of course, feeding ducks come with risks especially for kids because some are nasty. They are ubiquitously found in the bay area of Marine I will be talking about shortly. Why would you spend money on outdoor playground equipment when you can give your kids such a leisurely and fun time?

1. The French Cheese Factory
The French Cheese Factory, commonly known among the natives as the Cheese Factory has shops where delicious French cheese and other types of meals are sold. Moreover, it has got a huge pond where there is a beautiful lawn enriched with natural beauty and tables to sit back and relax while your little ones enjoy feeding ducks nearby.

Be ready to buy your kid snacks because that’s what Canadian geese usually eat. Your kids will be coming back to you and ask you to buy some fancy snacks for them.

2. The Civic Center
The Marine Civic Center is located in the Northern San Rafael near the North San Padro Road. The playground structure here has long and relaxing walking paths and lawn along with picnic tables. The beauty of playground enhances even more when one looks at the island within. Moreover, the civic center has also got a huge pond that houses several waterfowls.

A huge number of geese and goose wander near Civic Center that can also cause a nuisance for your kid, so keep a strict eye on them. Your little ones would love duck feeding after an outing here, especially on weekends. I won’t be surprised if you along with your kid enjoy this activity because I myself have done it and enjoyed a lot.

3. Scottsdale Pond
The Scottsdale Pond, located at the right-hand side of Highway 101 is a home to multiple different species of ducks, geese, and seagulls. Even though nearness to the freeway across the Vintage Shopping Center makes a bit odd location for a park, kids love to come around and duck feed for hours.
The adults enjoy fishing here while their kids feed the ducks, and when they are both tired, they relax on benches.

4. The Sonoma Plaza
The plaza doesn’t actually come under the Marine map, but it takes a few minutes drives from there to reach. It is one of the most loved places to visit on vacations because it has two playgrounds, a comfy picnic area, fountains, and the most interesting, an oblique duck pond. There are no geese and gulls here, but the pond has almost all species of ducks.

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